The Quacks Of Quedlinburg

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Once every year, the city of Quedlinburg holds a 9-day bazaar within its city walls. The country‘s best miracle doctors and quack surgeons gather in one place to showcase their healing remedies. Smelly feet, homesickness, hiccups and love problems—these charlatans have a unique cure for whatever ails you.

During the game, players draw from their ingredient bag in the hopes of creating the best potion. The better the potion, the more coins that you will have to buy superior ingredients. But be careful: a few too many of these special ingredients and the whole pot could explode! So do you press your luck hoping for that magic elixir, or do you play it safe in the hopes for bigger gains and more valuable ingredients later? That is for you to find out maybe the hard way. So stockpile your most valuable ingredients and get brewing; your next potion might be the best one yet!

Βάρος 1.427 kg


Παιχνίδι Οικογενειακό
Αριθμός Παικτών : 2-4
Μέση Διάρκεια Παιχνιδιού : 30m έως 1h
Ηλικία: 10+
Σχεδιαστής : Wolfgang Warsch
Εικονογράφηση : Dennis Lohausen, Wolfgang Warsch
Εκδότης: Schmidt Spiele
Θέμα : Medieval
Μηχανισμός : Deck / Pool Building, Press Your Luck
Δυσκολία : 2
Γλώσσα οδηγιών: Αγγλικά
Γλωσσική εξάρτηση παιχνιδιού : Μέτρια
Βάρος : 1,427 kg


4 pots (player boards)
1 Scoring Track with Turn Indicator
215 ingredient chips (+ 3 replacement chips )
2 yellow ingredient books
2 green ingredient books
2 red ingredient books
2 blue ingredient books
2 purple ingredient books
1 black ingredient book
1 orange ingredient book
24 FortuneTeller cards
4 flasks
4 bags
40/50 seals
20 rubies
1 Flame (turn marker)
8 droplets (4 of which are for the game variation)
1 Bonus Die
4 scoring markers
3 replacement chips
4 rat stones
1 Almanac of Ingredients


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